The AJS is pleased to announce that the food parcels have now been distibuted to the various provinces in Jordan, Azraq,Makawer, Um Jimal , Mafraq, South (Tafielah, Sultani, Husseinah and Abiad) Ghor Safi,Dlail.

We aspire to continue this project of Ramadan packages that include staple food as well as treats, for people who need them the most.

Needless to say happiness and gratitude was very much shown and expressed.

Thank you to all our friends for their contributions for our charitable work.

Here is what we received from one of the ladies that sent out packages to the Northern Badia:


"The recipients I chose from the people of the Northern Badia were those who never complained about their situation and always wanted me to share some of their bread and Laban with them.

The parents were delighted with the food gifts which will continue to make the rest of the month of Ramadan less stressful as they try to make this month special.  One young boy couldn't believe that the whole box of Halawih was for the family and asked me how much they could take from the box. He rushed to his siblings shouting that they could have as much as they wanted instead of just"the enough  to cover the end of their thumb"

The kids' shoes were well fought over and one little girl who probably wore a size thirty insisted that she really needed a red pair that were at least size thirty seven. I tried to convince her that a blue pair would probably be just her size... Unconvinced she asked me for some tissues. I had a package of FINE and gave her a handful. She shoved them into the toes of the red shoes and walked off looking a bit like Mickey Mouse.

The poverty of some of the people of the Badia was distressing but in spite of this even though we tried not to accept gifts we arrived back in Mafraq with a few gifts."