Following the success of the food parcels distributed before Ramadam to provinces in Jordan, the AJS is pleased to announce that they have delivered many more food parcels in a second delivery the week before Christmas to 100 families in need. We aspire to continue this project  of packages that include staple food as well as treats, for people who need them the most. The parcels were given out  in the same areas as before with the inclusion of 25 to the Rajif area in the Southern Badia.

Thank you to all our friends for all of their contributions to this worthy course.

Here is an update from Princess Sarvath al-Hassan, who helped deliver these packages to the families:

Thanks to many people's extraordinary generosity, we were able to add 100 families to the 200 whom we helped before Ramadan. I would like to report that the last of the  300 parcels were distributed in the week before Christmas. All the families received  5 jackets, 4 blankets, hygiene products, along with the foodstuffs.  Again, the reception was heartwarming.  We changed the items sightly, making sure that there were enough proteins to keep people going through the winter, and taking out some more summery or Ramadani foods.  
It has turned very cold and windy now. The nights in the desert are now bitter, and those tents or cold concrete houses do not afford much comfort.  The recipients were many of them in tears, at the quantity and quality.  There was a woman who had but a handful of rice left to feed her nine children...and so on.  [Some families] not on our lists had heard of the distribution and came and went away empty handed [so] my husband and I added another 10 sets of goods from ourselves.  We also bought 50  jackets and were able to get the extra blankets donated. We also gave 245 jackets in another village. As before, everything was very well received.