Jordanian adventure and thriller film "Theeb" continues to make waves, with the Grand Prize at Festival International Du Cinéma De Dakhla in Morocco being the latest prize added to list of accolades.


Shot in the desert region of Wadi Rum, the film, directed by Jordanian director Naji Abu Nowar's, proved to be a hit among fans and critics in the Middle East and Beyond. In total, the film has won over 15 awards and was nominated films in the Best Foreign Film category. "Theeb" has been screened in 12 countries and premiered in the United States in November.


Producers worked their socks off in the sandy desert with local bedouin tribes, who provided the cast of the film as well as acting as consultants, in order to make the film authentic. Against the backdrop of sandy dunes and empty desert, a young boy and his brother set off in an adventure journey across the hostile desert and face unexpected twists in events that force them to make hard decisions. "If Theeb is to survive he must quickly learn about adulthood, trust and betrayal," the statement added.


d with Bassel Ghandour.

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