League Two football team Bristol Rovers have been taken over by the Jordanian Al-Qadi family.

Jordanian Football Association member Wael Al-Qadi has been named club president after the family bought a 92% stake in the club, and former Swansea Citychairman Steve Hamer replaces Nick Higgs as chairman.

The club have played at the 11,916-capacity Memorial Stadium since 1996, with a proposed move to a 21,700-seat stadium delayed by a lack of funds.

The Al-Qadis have interests in the tourism and banking industries, and Wael Al-Qadi told BBC Radio Bristol: "I'm a football man, I'm very passionate about football, I consider myself like the fans and I want what's best for this club. This football club requires and needs a new stadium. Once we are ready to go ahead with that project, we will. There's a lot of work that has been done, but I have to come in and verify or make sure everything is in order, 100%, before taking the next step."