A Piece of Jordan first started as a Petra based community project, offering tourists to the area the chance to experience Petra beyond the archaeological site itself. They are excited to now be working as part of Jordan History Tours and together form a socially conscious ethical travel agency and community project offering tours and excursions across the whole of Jordan. Their team’s varied skills, experience and expertise ensures holidays in Jordan will make memories that will last a life time and have a positive impact on the communities visited.

They have a unique opportunity of bringing their work to the UK at the Greenbelt Arts, Music and Faith Festival which has been an annual event for over 40 years on the August Bank Holiday. The audience of between 10,000 and 15,000 are an ideal target audience for eco/ethical/culturally sensitive businesses, and have a long history supporting the Middle East and diverse faith communities in the region. They have launched a funding campaign to raise the balance.

Those interested in donating, or finding out more about the project should click below: